Toddler Cane is a Success!

I am excited to announce that the toddler cane prototype is feasible and usable. The toddlers who use it are benefiting immediately! A 24-month old girl with cortical visual impairment, now walks upright and without orthotics.

A 4-year old boy with optic nerve hypoplasia is able to relax, and use his vision for fun.

These are the two of the stories that I must share. To see recent videos- please go to



Toddler Cane is about Safety


I invented the toddler cane because toddlers with mobility with vision impairment (MVI) experience developmental decline after they learn to walk due to lack of visual next step warning (NSW).

MVI is defined as a VI that results in a lack of sufficient reaction distance and reaction time to obstacles (surface level changes, surface texture and objects) in the path ahead.

Tactile NSW occurs when a mobility device sweeps the floor space at least one step ahead of the next footstep.

Toddlers with MVI who do not see well enough to visually avoid obstacles in their paths, need a device to provide them with tactile NSW. I am working on that device.

More to come!

The Toddler Cane

Please check out the most recent article describing the toddler cane in AER Report . AER Report 3.17 Toddler Cane For more information you can also contact me,

Thank You Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo!

I called Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo today to thank her for her sponsoring A10457 the vision impairment specialist licensure bill.  Will you?

There are 10 Days left to the NYS legislative session.

It is time for everyone who supports licensure for O&M Specialists to call Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo’s office to thank her and to ask her to get the bill to an assembly floor vote as she did last year!

Albany office 518-455-5431

District office 607-723-9047

Please help us mobilize as many calls as possible from interns, students, trainees, colleagues, staff, parents and consumers familiar with the issue of VRT and O&M licensure

She needs to hear our thank you’s and our encouragement.

Every call and letter counts !

From Nancy M.


DVIQ-Study of Personnel Prep of TVIs in O&M

Read about a comprehensive study of how our Teachers of Learners with Visual Impairments are prepared to provide instruction in O&MVI to their students and contrast that to the expectations of TVIs with respect to O&MVI provision by the states. DVIQ link to article by Grace Ambrose-Zaken, Ed.D., COMS

Toddler Cane – First Prototype!

I am pleased to announce that I have successfully created the first prototype Toddler Cane for toddlers with visual impairments. See my video to learn more!!

Top Five Reasons to Choose Hunter College Combined Master’s Degree in RT and O&M Program

Searching for a rewarding career in the field of Blindness and Visual Impairments? Take 3 minutes out of your search to learn why Hunter has the program for you!

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